Libra and Libra Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

Libra and Libra love compatibility

Almost too much love to handle! The Libra personality loves love so when two Venus ruled creatures come together make sure you have a bucket handy – just in case that urge to throw up overwhelms you. Libra/Libra spend hours, days, weeks just gazing into each other eyes and dreamily sighing as if they’ve found the romantic pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

They finish each other’s sentences and giggle at private jokes. Libra/Libra need to make sure that fluffy cloud of romance that they’re floating on does make contact with reality occasionally – just to touch base with friends and pay the bills – sometimes love isn’t enough to avoid the practicalities of day to day living.

Decoding Libra and Libra friendships…

Libra/Libra friendships are sweet and genuine. They seek justice and harmony and often band together to protect the marginalized and vulnerable. They also make great work colleagues and bosses – consultative by nature, ideas are shared and praise is given when earnt. Libra hates gossiping or brown-nosing – they are the most loyal of friends and trust each other with secrets not even shared with closest family members.


Being creative dreamers sometimes they lack a little – in the action department, and have been known to get lost in role play games for a week or two. Conversation is centered on philosophy, Sci-Fi and music – they often organize impromptu performances, karaoke nights and flash mobs. A pair of loveable flakes Libra/Libra have a joyful friendship that lasts the test of time.

First signs of attraction & compatibility…

There’ll be a smorgasbord of flirting going on – touching, kissing, laughing, hair tossing – it generally takes less than 20 minutes before they want to rip each other’s clothes off. As air element signs they are spontaneous and go from light breeze to gale force wind in a second.

Flirty Libras

Expect this force of nature to leave the party early or find a spare broom closet from which you’ll hear squeals of delight and hot and heaving panting. And don’t think this behavior will wear off – Libra/Libra are always going to be over-demonstrative – they see no reason to come up for air – ever!

The Libra and Libra in relationships…

As a couple Libra/Libra can infuriate friends and family – sometimes they’ll forget to carry out the one task assigned to them. However, it’s nearly impossible to remain mad at them – such is their loving nature and ability to spread happiness wherever they go.

Libra couple

In a relationship Libra/Libra come across as a quirky fun couple – their fashion sense is eccentric and they’ll probably cut and dye each other’s hair – expect rainbow colors. Planning ahead is not high on the agenda – living in the moment and making each day count is the credo they live by.

If living together, it’s wise to hire a cleaner as Libra keeps every treasure forever. They invite friends over for music jams and poetry reading nights and sometimes forget to organize refreshments. – friends quickly learn to BYO beverages and pizza.

Where they may encounter turbulence…

Lack of practicalities often gets Libra/Libra into a financial pickle. They are impulse buyers and purchase items based on beauty and emotional attachment. Putting off bills and avoiding tax returns will only exacerbate problems – Libra/Libra should ensure that they have a top notch financial adviser.

Grumpy couple

Neither like conflict and work their butts off trying to please and pacify people. In a relationship this can result in simmering tensions and communication breakdowns. Perhaps a lesson in constructive fighting from an Aries wouldn’t go astray.

When Libra and Libra fall in love…

Like John and Yoko Libra/Libra often just go to bed for an extended love -in. They just dropped off the face of the planet – phones won’t be answered and emails remain unread. Sensory creatures, they’ll cook for each other, bathe each other and listen to divine music – expect quite a few absentee days from work in the “falling in love” stage.

Big love heart

When either or both do surface it’s with rapturous praise for their new dreamy, most gorgeous, most brilliant partner. They say love is blind and friends are often shocked when they actually meet this new god-like person. As they say about block busters – “don’t believe all the hype!” and whilst the reality might not match Libras description, everyone eventually comes to adore the new sweet soul in their midst.

Libra and Libra sexual compatibility…

Libra is a cardinal sign meaning they like to initiate and lead but because both are highly intuitive they read each other’s sexual and sensual needs instinctively. Giving and taking between the sheets flows seamlessly and with such active imaginations there’ll be lots of toys and dress-ups.

Passion in the bedroom

Music also plays a critical role in setting the mood – expect Ravels’ Bolero and Barry White to make appearances in the boudoir. The noise level may result in a breach of council by laws but Libra/Libra are just too in love to tone it down.

Libra and Libra marriage compatibility…

Look, they may just never get around to it – Libra/Libra aren’t particularly conventional – they’re more likely to get hitched as a spur of the moment thing – think an Elvis impersonator celebrant at Las Vegas or eloping to a tropical island – thumbing noses at social norms makes them feel deliciously naughty. Libras’ home is a jumble of styles with oodles of books and musical instruments. There’s always something baking in the oven and often something burning due to forgetfulness.

Marriage compatibility

Children most likely happen by accident – often Libra feels their life is full enough without adding offspring. Some realistic Librans have said “I can barely look after myself – little own children – I’d forget where I put them!”. The other aspect is Librans tendency to live a rather nomadic lifestyle which makes putting down roots difficult. If children do occur they’ll grown up with a sense of wonderment, a love of nature and a generous heart – curtsey of their parents.

The Good:
Loyal and trustworthy.
They make sweet, sweet music.
They never get tired of each other.
The Bad:
They avoid conflict.
They avoid financial responsibility.
Twice the level of absent mindedness.
Compatibility Score