Capricorn and Capricorn Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

Capricorn and Capricorn love compatibility

A powerful alliance – not unlike “Game of Thrones” Starks and Lannister’s joining forces to achieve world domination – professional, upwardly mobile and in love with a touch of Machiavellian game play. Capricorn/Capricorn know where they are going and how to get there – and as long as they’re not competing for the same goals this is an outrageously successful relationship. They won’t take any prisoners, demand loyalty from colleagues, friends and family and are natural born leaders.

Sometimes two Capricorn personalities love the chase of success so much that ethics start travelling down a slippery slope and all work and no play will definitely make them dull-ish – but, usually it’s a brilliant life filled with gorgeous things and great achievements – they just need to retain some humility and allow room for the odd failure.

Decoding Capricorn and Capricorn friendships…

Just like a Game of Thrones script its all about building alliances and eliminating enemies. Capricorn are careful, cautious and meticulous planners. Their friendships can have limited timeframes, although smart Capricorns know that you need to be nice to people on the way up because sometimes they trump you on the way down.

Business friends

As friends, these two get overly competitive if pursuing the same professional heights within the same organization and mutate into sworn enemies but where they have divergent aspirational goals, an unbreakable bond is forged. They work hard but play even harder – they plan skiing trips and go Lamborghini shopping together and enjoy each other’s innate efficiency.

There’s lots of debriefing, with never-ending shop talk and its important that partners get a tick of approval. When played right it’s a supportive friendship that value-adds to a successful lifestyle.

First signs of attraction & compatibility…

Capricorn believes in working hard – especially when it comes to romance! They are attracted to success and look for a partner considered equal. Often interest is sparked whilst networking, or at a conference – a dynamic key note speaker captures the mountain goats’ imagination which leads to back ground checks, especially on Facebook and LinkedIn.

First signs of attraction

Capricorns are cardinal signs – head strong and not used to taking no for an answer – once the homework is done they pitch a dating proposition like a job interview with a bit of saucy flirting and sharp business cards thrown in for good measure. The only difficulty is finding a window of opportunity in their diaries – sometimes weeks go by before the first official date.

The Capricorn and Capricorn in relationships…

It takes time to arrive at the relationship stage – Capricorns don’t do anything half-heartedly and sincerely want a romantic pairing to be as successful as their careers. There’ll be planning sessions to work out the practicalities – who’s living where and when to take mutual holidays.

Being earth signs, they are a grounded couple who believe in family and exclusivity – expect a couple or fur babies to act as trial children, a shared town house and 6am gym sessions. Champion outsourcers, they get dinners delivered and use Gumtree for dog walkers and rubbish clearance – all in an effort to prioritize the relationship.

Capricorn couple

Friends and family are in awe their maturity and composure – they always appear perfectly polished and in control of their destiny. That not to say there won’t be hiccups and difficulties – it’s just Capricorn don’t believe in airing grievances publicly and adopt a public game face – even in the most stressful situations.

This couple keep cards close to their chests and have a small intimate group of friends – mostly other couples – with which to share their dreams and the odd unguarded confidence.

Where they may encounter turbulence…

The problem is, they are just too similar at times! All that control and tireless working towards goals prevents living in the present and sometimes graduated estrangement occurs. Alternatively, an outrageous outsider like Rockstar Libra or Zen-diving Pisces comes along to throw a relationship grenade into the works.

Relationship tensions

“Failure is not an option!” says Capricorn – well actually its just part of life! Whilst success brings Capricorn/Capricorn close together and intensifies the romance, failure creates distance, embarrassment and emotional constipation. If they focus on their strong leadership abilities which include guiding and mentoring then they’ll locate the capacity to support a partner through rough as well as purple patches.

When Capricorn and Capricorn fall in love…

Capricorn/Capricorn have something to prove to each other and want to be seen in the best of lights. There’s energy to burn so they’ll be sealing deals, asking for pay rises and increasing gym visits at an alarming rate. “Falling in love” is a wonderfully productive and time – energy goes into career, family and top-level romantic dates – expect limousines, lush bouquets of flowers, top chefs bought in to cook at home and renting out a theater for two.

Falling in love

Capricorns are usually financially cautious and splurging out alerts friends to expect a serious relationship – possibly, “The one!”. They get steamy through physical activities – squash, swimming and jogging – all that sweat and showing off of buffed and bodacious bodies often fast tracks them to make-out central! Occasionally all this activity creates extra scheduling clashes, but, when both are committed to making the relationship work creative solutions are always found.

Capricorn and Capricorn sexual compatibility…

Sometimes they click – naturally – and whilst clothes are neatly folded rather than ripped off, Capricorns’ high energy and love for each other’s bodies makes sex a wonderful workout. At other times they’re a bit straight-laced and unwilling to share fantasies and darker desires, afraid of coming across as coarse or downright silly.

Sensual experience

This can lead to a vanilla sex life with both feeling something is missing. To avoid separate bedrooms and increasing disinterest Capricorn needs to invest in visuals, toys and the odd spontaneous romp in a dark alley. Use it or lose it is our advice!

Capricorn and Capricorn marriage compatibility…

Marriageability is rated highly for this family-loving couple. It’s on the time-line, along with serval drafts of prenups. Capricorn women may do the proposing – whilst conservative, they still are driven by a desire to take the lead. Expect a gift registry and wedding details that exude class and refinement.

There’s a tendency to become challenging – florist and caterers fear yet another last-minute change to bouquets and menus whilst Capricorn continue to tweak things in search of perfection. The honey moon is relatively short – they’ve got to get back to work – but the destination is exotic, five-star and lush. Friends and relatives are occasionally ready for a break themselves once the planning stress has officially finished.

Elegant bride

Capricorn love children and go for a small, financially responsible, family. As parents they have incredibly high standards – expect numerous changes to nannies and schools – no institution or care giver is ever good enough for their perfect offspring. Children often rebel against the pressure of having to be successful and brilliant at everything.

There’s mountains of love and security but Capricorn need to loosen the parental reigns and let children lead when it comes to interests and aspirations – and remember – failure is always an option!

The Good:
Professional “it” couple.
They work towards common goals.
Supportive and loving.
The Bad:
They marry their work and not each other.
Not good with vulnerability or failure.
Sex life can become vanilla.
Compatibility Score

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