Where The Zodiac Signs Should Travel To…

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Zodiac travel

It’s a well-known fact that travel broadens the mind. Running away to an exotic location can be the perfect way to refresh and put your troubles behind you. If you’re hungering for a sweet vacation – fear not – because we may have just the suggestion you need. Here’s where each of the zodiac signs should escape to.

Aries: adventure into the mountains of Ethiopia.


Aries goes so hard-core when it comes to their holidays that when they return home they often need another break just to recuperate. High adrenaline and one step away from imminent danger is just the way they like it. They like to travel to places that will challenge their sense and make them feel alive.

Holiday hotspots: Camping on the side of the Erta Ale Volcano in Ethiopia.

Taurus: a coast side villa in Greece.

Paradise in Greece

Taurus and luxury are a happy marriage and when they travel they like to indulge big time. To them a holiday is about relaxing and stopping to smell the roses – time to have someone else turn down the cover and bring food to the table. Often Taurus gets so relaxed they need to hit the gym hard on return to reality.

Holiday hotspots: Tui Sensimar Village resort on the Greek coast.

Cancer: a lake side cabin in the Anirondack mountains, Canada.

Canada moose

Cancer loves to create memories with their friends and family and if the place is right they will return year after year. There is nothing that puts a smile on Cancers’ face more than knowing their nearest and dearest are loving every holiday moment. Often spotted in groups with extended family and last minute ring-ins Cancer breaks are designed to light up young eyes and relax old weary bones.

Holiday hotspots: Try a lake side cabin in the Anirondack mountains in Canada – perfect for fishing, swimming, cycling and camp fire singalongs.

Gemini: a sensory overloaded trip to Tokyo.

Tokyo fireworks

Gemini love things that clash and ideas that turn conventional thinking in its head. They enjoy being bombarded by sensory overload and bore easy when not intellectually challenged. Happy to holiday alone or with someone who can accept that the itinerary is always a movable feast, Gemini are serenely calm in the midst of chaos.

Holiday hotspots: Tokyo – Shinto temples cosy up to Robot restaurants – the new and the old in one package.

Leo: the Mardi Gras and party life of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Chilling in Rio

For Leo holidays equal a chance to par-tay and live life like a rockstar. They want to mingle with the beautiful – of which they are of course one – and see how the other half live. For them travel is all about the three Fs – fun, frivolity and fabulousness.

Holiday hotspots: Mardi Gras in Rio – the worlds’ greatest party.

Virgo: get away from the world in the pristine grounds of Sweden.


When Virgo takes a trip away they like to chill and seclude themselves from the rest of the world. They don’t want to over-schedule themselves or do anything overly draining. They like their vacations comfortable, relaxing and in places full of beauty.

Holiday hotspots: Sweden – pristine, organised and well designed.

Libra: leave them to wander aimlessly in Budapest.


Libra likes to meander and follow their curiosity. They want to meet the locals, breathe in history and discover hidden gems along the way – a 300 year old café with the best coffee in Europe or cobblestones where knights once road horses is their style. Throw in some music and happy hippy ambiance and they will be in holiday heaven.

Holiday hotspots: A historic apartment in Budapest with the romance of bridges and ancient alleys.

Scorpio: peer into the world’s underbelly in Cambodia.

Cambodia headstone

Scorpions enjoy melancholy and holidays that move them emotionally. Give them atmosphere and historical magnitude and their vacationing soul will be quenched. You need a strong stomach to travel with Scorpio – they like to peer into the dark side of the universe to search for meaning.

Holiday hotspots: Cambodia – immense beauty and devastating horror – a visit to the Tupi Sleng genocide museum is a must.

Sagittarius: explore exotic lands in Tanzania.


Sagittarians are gypies at hearts who enjoy the freedom of roaming wild without rules and restrictions. They’re big on adventure and probably have a world map on their bedroom wall with flags of countries so far visited. They are not particularly fussed if they sleep at the the Ritz or under the stars just as long as there is somewhere to explore. Some Sagittarians take a sabbatical and never come back.

Holiday hotspots: Climbing the epic Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

Capricorn: make a splash in a luxury resort in the Caribbeans.

Caribbean paradise

Capricorn plans their holiday meticulously – months even years in advance. A perfect vacation has to be an equal ratio of rest and recreation. They want time to relax and catch up on those unread novels but also a chance to indulge in the finer things in life. Prestige matters and they love the best of everything – whether’s it the hotel, champagne or anything in between.

Holiday hotspots: The magnificent Baose Luxury Resort in the Caribbean.

Aquarius: get close to mother nature in Uganda, Africa.

Elephant safari

Aquarius are free-roamers at heart. They tend to be curious beings who enjoy a holiday where they can get close to nature and go exploring. They often feel a deep connection to animals and are likely to volunteer to hang out with endangered species in their down time.

Holiday hotspots: An environmentally sensitive gorilla silverback trek in Uganda.

Pisces: find nirvana at a yoga retreat in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka retreat

Pisces loves a good dose of cosmos. Their mental health is dependent on inner reflection and the search for spiritual calm. A complete recalibration of mind and body with a spa or lake nearby for primal re-birthing is holiday bliss to this fishy sign.

Holiday hotspots: For inner and outer balance try an 8 day Yoga retreat in Sri Lanka.

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