Each Zodiac Sign’s Role In Their Friendship Group…

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Zodiac Friends

Ever wonder about what type of role you play in your friendship circle?

The dynamics of a group will always be heavily influenced by the different signs that make it up.

Each sign plays a crucial role and is ‘comfortable’ playing that role. It’s just what they do.

Here’s the role of each zodiac sign in their friendship group.

Aries… the renegade.


The total renegade of the group.

Taurus… the mature and reliable one.

Taurus Zodiac

The Taurus is the dependable one that people can count on.

Gemini… the ‘up beat’ and bubbly one.

Up Beat And Bubbly

A little bit wild and always a lot of fun is the Gemini.

Cancer… the sensitive and caring one.

Love And Care

The Cancerian is the carer of the group and always looks out for the well-being of those close to them.

Leo… the KING or QUEEN!

Queen On Throne

The Leo is the KING or QUEEN of the group (or so they like to think).

Virgo… the holy helper.

Helping And Assistance

The Virgo is full of good intentions and always looking to help those in the group that need it.

Libra… the mediator and keeps harmony in the group.

Libra Statue

The Libra is a skilled diplomat able to diffuse tension and arguments with ease.

Scorpios… the psycho of the group.

Psycho Woman

One thing you can say about a Scorpio is that they always will keep a group’s dynamics lively and interesting.

Sagittarius… the one with sass.

Loud Sassy Woman

There’s a sassy smartass in every friendship circle and often they’re a Sagittarius.

Capricorn… the one with very dark humour.

Evil Grin

The Capricorn brings twisted sense of humor to any group.

Aquarius… the moral enforcer.

Working Together

The Aquarius insists on everyone getting fair treatment and takes it upon themselves to right any wrongs they see.

Pisces… the ‘clumsy but cute’ one.

Crazy Girl

They can be silly sure but we wouldn’t have them any other way.

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