Things That Give The Zodiac Signs Anxiety…

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Why the signs get anxious

That churning feeling at the pit of your stomach? The restlessness and constant looking over your shoulder? Whether it be fear of the local serial killer or rising dread that the new flat mate is using your good toothbrush – we all have our things that can cause us great anxiety. Here’s what each of the zodiac signs gets anxious about.

Aries gets anxiety when they bite off more than they can chew.

Anxiety ridden Aries woman

Believe it or not Aries do get anxious from time to time – as they plot world domination and juggle a thousand and one schemes – they secretly fear being outed as human. Taking on too much at once (as they often do) can result in cracks appearing. When they overload themselves to the point where they can no longer keep up they can get anxious about owning up to mistakes and asking for a helping hand. Sometimes it’s hard to swap Superman for Clark Kent!

Taurus gets anxiety when life becomes uncertain and unpredictable.

Confused Taurus

Taurus knows what they want out of life but sometimes they find it hard to be fluid and flexible. When their plans go out the window they can be suddenly hit by anxiety as they struggle to desperately come up with a change of course. Too much change too quickly can leave them with heavy feelings of uncertainty and apprehensiveness. They need to practice being nimble to prevent being overcome by an ever increasingly chaotic universe.

Gemini gets anxiety when they feel trapped and confused.

Gemini feeling lost

A panic room makes Gemini panic – as does anything else they can’t escape from. Queues, crowds, restrictive relationships and dead-end jobs can have this sign climbing up the proverbial wall. Being trapped by routine is a sure-fire way to make the Gemini anxious as their boredom threshold is so low that it’s ground level.

Cancer gets anxiety from feelings of abandonment.


Cancer will do anything to protect their tribe and the places the tribe inhabits. Home is their castle and family are their heart – which is why fears of abandonment can cause them great anxiety. They can become so worried about losing those around them that they go to massive lengths to ensure it doesn’t happen – whether that be by installing state-of-the-art security systems or checking up on loved ones repeatedly. Sure, they can be a little overprotective and even smothering at times – but it’s only because they can’t bare the idea of losing you.

Leo gets anxiety when rejected or humiliated.

Miserable Sagittarius

Leos self-esteem is usually pretty stellar but cracks can start appearing when faced with rejection or humiliation. They dread finding themselves out of step – being the only ones at an event wearing last years fashion or thanking the wrong person at a speaking event. The idea of being made to look the fool – particularly in public – will elevate Leo’s anxiety Sky high. Accept that everyone has an “off day” and don’t let the haters get to you!

Virgo gets anxiety from overthinking and obsessing over details.

Virgo anxiety

That mole on Virgos back, it’s probably not cancerous and a mild rash is not the next great pandemic – but this sign can leap to the worst case scenario. By all means they should get things checked out but not over and over again – it’s costly and pointless. Virgos are intuitive about health but it can become obsessive and all consuming. A word of advice – avoid using Google to self-diagnose – sometimes a cold really is just a plain old cold.

Libra gets anxiety when someone repeatedly crosses the line.

Frustrated woman

Libra tries to forgive and forget when people do them wrong. But when someone rejects their peacemaking offers by continuously crossing the line – a life long grudge can be born. This in turn can cause them great anxiety and put everything completely out of balance. When they lose sight of harmony and focus on that one point of agitation they’ll need to be rescued with love and tenderness before that anxiety leads to revenge.

Scorpio gets anxiety just generally from human beings.

Frustrated woman

Scorpio can sometimes find people, well, a bit hard to deal with. Having to deal with banal small talk and the stupidity of fools can really push their anxiety buttons. Pushy know-it-alls and less that average drivers can also cause Scorpio to go into an meltdown. Their anxiety can make them appear self-righteous and condescending – they need to remember that not everyone thinks and reacts so deeply and precisely.

Sagittarius gets anxiety when naysayers try to bring them down.

Man alone in the rain

With energy to burn and a quick sense of humor Sagittarius loves being surrounded by optimism and laughter. It will take a long time for anxiety to kick in but when events or people seem to offer nothing but gloom and doom, they can eventually succumb to lethargy and stress. It may be necessary to get rid of “glass half empty” friends to regain that winning smile and effervescent energy.

Capricorn gets anxiety from incompetence and stupidity.

Capricorn losing it

Capricorn has high standards and they try to surround themselves with competent people. Poor service, lateness and bad planning will all get under their normally professional skin. Polite and reasonable to a point this sign will become increasing anxious when people and organisations overlook simple solutions. They can’t stand pointless bureaucracy or Government red tape either – so don’t even get them started.

Aquarius gets anxiety when people lay unreasonable demands on them.

Aquarius anxiety attack

There are many voices living inside the head of an Aquarian there to console, give advice and – in general – keep the anxiety levels down. Consequently, Aquarians need to be left alone – a lot! They are not good at being asked to make snap decisions or having orders barked at them constantly. They need to internalize and retreat or risk a massive meltdown.

Pisces gets anxiety about the idea of getting anxiety.

Anxious Pisces woman

Pisces can be such worrywarts that simply the idea of anxiety can in turn bring it on. It can turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy that ends with them worrying about everything and anything. This can be triggered by any number of things whether it be an upcoming exam or simply that the lawns haven’t been mowed in a while. Sometimes they just need to escape to a yoga retreat for a weekend or two just to lower their levels of angst.

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