Why You NEED Each Zodiac Sign In Your Life…

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Why You Need The SignsEach of the zodiac signs can definitely be trying at times but at the end of the day there are very good reasons for having each and every one of the zodiac signs in your life.

Each sign is able to bring something new and positive into the mix that is your life making it more diverse, fulfilling and ultimately more enjoyable!

So lets take a look at exactly why it is that you should have each of the zodiac signs in your life!

Aries… you need ’em for MOTIVATION.


The Aries personality is highly competitive and they are a natural born motivator. They are good to have around because their determination and unwillingness to to quit will often both rub off on you inspiring you to achieve bigger and bigger goals. They’ll able to give you the confidence that you need to take action and chase your dreams!

Taurus… you need ’em to have someone you can TRUST and RELY on.


Sometimes in life you just need a friend that you can count on no matter what and since Taurus is considered to be one of the most reliable signs in all of the zodiac they’re perfect to have around for exactly this reason. When your flakey friends bail on you it’s nice to know that a Taurus will always have your back.

Gemini… you need ’em for interesting CONVERSATION.

Interesting Conversation

Geminis quick wit and talkative nature is often an endless source of entertainment for those that are closest to them. They are extremely articulate and able to express themselves effectively making them the perfect person to ‘talk through’ issues with. They’re also never short of ways to make you laugh either!

Cancer… you need ’em for their EMOTIONAL SUPPORT.

Emotionally Supportive Friends

Cancers tend to be extremely caring and compassionate souls who instinctively nurture those around them when they need it most. Cancers are essential to have in your life for the simple fact that they will always be there for you when you fall to help you get back up again. Their emotional intelligence also allows to to really sympathize with people and truly understand where they are coming from and how they are feeling.

Leo… you need ’em for their fierce sense of LOYALTY.

Loyal Friendly Dogs

Leos are incredibly loyal and protective of their friends and family and it’s for this reason that they are great people to have around. This sense of loyalty extends into their love life too making them some of the most devoted and faithful lovers in all of the zodiac.

Virgo… you need ’em for their killer ADVICE.


Virgos practical and responsible nature allows them give some extremely good and solid advice. They are intelligent and able to analyse situations extremely effectively and it’s for this reason that they are often called upon for help when problems arise. When confiding in a Virgo you can be sure that they will give you straight up ‘real talk’ that’s actually useful instead of just a bunch of ego stroking.

Libra… you need ’em because they’re FUN and will make you SMILE.


Libras can be extremely charming and they have an easygoing and chilled out approach to life that often makes people feel at ease and puts them in a good mood. They are sociable creatures who instinctively like to make people happy and when you’re with you can be sure that a lot of smiles and laughs will be had!

Scorpio… you need ’em because they’ll make you feel ALIVE.

Feeling Alive

Scorpios have a dynamic and often intense aura about them that makes others feel fired up and ALIVE. Their passion for life and everything that they do rubs off on those that they hang out with in a big way and for this reason you’d be a fool not to want a Scorpio in your life!

Sagittarius… you need ’em because they’re HONEST.

Keep it Real And Honest

When you need an honest opinion you can count on Sagittarius to give you the facts. They are the types of people that will tell you how things are straight up without sugar coating everything… even if it’s not pretty. They will say the things that NEED to be said but that everyone else is too afraid too.

Capricorn… you need ’em because they will INSPIRE you.


The Capricorn personality is determined and ambitious and they are constantly setting goals and achieving them. This in turn will often rub off on their friends and loved ones inspiring them too to set and achieve bigger and bigger goals and not just settle for mediocrity.

Aquarius… you need ’em for their ADVENTUROUS SIDE.


Everyone should have an Aquarius in their life for the simple fact that their unique personality will constantly surprise and excite you with their adventurous and rebellious side. When life is getting a bit tedious and boring you can always count on an Aquarius to spice things up with some kind of crazy adventure!

Pisces… you need ’em for their massive HEART.

Hands Making Heart Shape

The Pisces personality is incredibly loving and they care deeply about their friends and family. They have a huge heart that is full of compassion for others and they are extremely generous too often choosing to put the needs of their loved ones before their own. For this reason having Pisces in your life is an absolute must!

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