Why You Should Totally Date The Zodiac Signs…

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Reasons to date the signs

The Zodiac is like a candy store – so many different varieties  to try out. You’ve got your marshmallows, your chewy toffee, your Belgian chocolate, sours, fuzzies and oodles more. Now we all know that certain signs are more dating compatible than others but sometimes you just feel like liquorice when you usually go for sherbet and like candy – all signs have their own unique dating attractions. There’s no law against trying before you buy so we’ve compiled a list of the dating “flavours” of signs – feel free to take a sample next time your in the zodiac candy store.

Aries: date them because they’re grand adventurers.

Aries on an adventure

Aries are perfect for a quick dose of fireworks and sizzle. They are into romance and grand gestures  and will always weave a little adventure into their dating playbook. Expect exciting weekends away – possible mountaineering and a bit of snow angel smaltz to conclude. Difficult to navigate in the everyday world but great for loved up escapes.

Dating Candy: Popping Candy.

Taurus: date them because they’re gentle, thoughtful and classy as hell.

Classy sophisticated Taurus

If your tired of flash in the pan one night stands maybe taking a little  detour with a Taurus is perfect for  romance realignment. They will teach you the benefits of slow reveal and do that old fashioned thing of getting to know each other first before ripping clothes off. They are also likely to opt for high end dates – fine dining and theatrical triumphs which might introduce to you a whole new world of class.

Dating Candy: Everlasting gobstoppers.

Gemini: date them because they’re a total social butterfly who can make time fly.

Gemini being social

Gemini makes a perfect plus one – last minute date, as they are forever spontaneous adaptable. Talented conversationalists – they can talk their way through a bunch of lawyers or construction workers and thrive in new social settings. They also like a bit of role playing so if you need a faux partner for that dreaded high school reunion hook up with a Gemini and create a stellar backstory

Dating Candy: Liquorice all sorts.

Cancer: date them because they’ll actually listen and give a f*ck.

Cancer listening to partner

Cancer are excellent listeners and in a time-poor world it’s nice to slow down and be heard. There’s no having to pretend your something your not with this sign and they like being present so turn of al devices and focus on the date. Sentimental and deeply connected to their family, dates may also shame you into finally visiting Great Aunt Bertha next weekend. Cancer brings a sense of connectedness to the dating table.

Dating Candy: Cadbury favourites.

Leo: date them for their snap, pop and sizzle.

Leo the cool cat

Tired of the boring old suits you’ve been dating? Too many accountants in your black book? If yes, It’s time to date a Leo and party till you drop. This sign will remind you off a sense of occasion – how much fun it is to dress up and choose the perfect accessory to compliment the perfect outfit. If your meeting the queen or attending the oscars Leo is a must-have date. They’ll make an entrance at all the after parties and score an invitation to the next royal wedding.

Virgo: date them for their mindful aura.

Mindful couple

Excellent dates if you’re over the trashed rockstar fixation. These often beautiful creatures love healthy living and mindfulness. A perfect liaison may include intense downward dogging followed by a healthy home cooked meal. You’ll enjoy the reintroduction to natural highs. Five star time managers Virgo will also teach you how to seamlessly fit a lot more into an average day without stress overload.

Dating Candy: yoghurt balls.

Libra: date them for carefree fun. friends with benefits.

Couple hanging out

If you just want some sweet time between the sheets with breakfast in bed and no strings attached then look no further than  Libra. The sign Most likely to be in “Friends with benefits” non relationships, they are happy with good music, cheap wine and hilarious conversation without ever having to leave the bedroom. They won’t overstay their welcome and you won’t be expected to either.

Dating Candy: Reese Peanut Butter Cups.

Scorpio: date them for the sheer thrill of it all.

Date Scorpio for the thrills

So maybe you are  Sandy looking for Danny and some Grease Lightning? Sick of doing it by the books and after some dangerous heat?  If you’re in this kind of rut then go ahead – date a Scorpio – I dare you! Scorpio will unleash fantasies and unlock dark desires – at the end of the romance you may not know Scorpios name but they will be a guilty pleasure to remember for a long, long time

Dating Candy: Snakes and Giant Cobras.

Sagittarius: date them for someone to explore the world with.

Sagittarius couple

Sag makes great travelling companions – if you’ve planned a holiday, don’t want to go solo, and would like a little sugar on the journey then start dating this sign. They are fairly uninhibited so there could be sex on the beach, in  planes and on top of mountains. Not necessarily the type you’d want to settle down with but free spirited and fun – holidays will be a blast

Dating Candy: Bounty.

Capricorn: date them because they’ll motivate and life you up.

Capricorn will motivate you

Dating a Capricorn will make you lift your game.They may inspire you to finally get that university degree or asked for a promotion and they are excellent planners so dates will be detail focused and experience rich. Expect things like skiing followed by fine dining. You’ll wonder why you ever put up with pizza, beer and football reruns

Dating Candy: Belgian Truffles.

Aquarius: date them for g00d conversations and intellectual stimulation.

Intellectual couple

If you’re after brain food and a little soulfulness Aquarius has both in trumps. Their date may be significantly down market – think soup kitchens and a visit to the dogs shelter but they will challenge you to examine yourself ethically, morally and intellectually. This can be akin to Neo taking the red pill so decide carefully if your ready for mind expansion and a bucket of guilt.

Dating Candy: Sour Worms.

Pisces: date them to have your perspective broadened.

Creative Pisces couple

If Pisces are in a funk they can remind you why you gave up dating 6 months ago. Late, dramatic and prone to getting drunk after a thimble full they can make a person feel good about their own dating capacity. Alternatively if the fish is swimming with the tide they can be incredibly focused and inspiring. Many are creative and will astound you with their knowledge of art and music -expect galleries, concerts and modern dance.

Dating Candy: Wine Gums.