Why The Zodiac Signs Want To BREAK UP…

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Sometimes love just doesn’t last and a break-up is inevitable… but why do the signs have to keep breaking people’s hearts?

Some may end it because they feel their partner is holding them back whilst others will end it simply because they’re feeling bored and like the relationship is getting stale.

Today we present to you some of the most common reasons that the zodiac signs want to break up.

Aries… will break it off if you try to hold them back.

Don't Hold Aries Back

Aries are on their way to the top and if you’re trying to drag them down or discourage them from what they are doing then it’s a sure-fire way to get dumped. Their ambitions are usually large and to reach them they require the freedom to do their thing and succeed.

Taurus… will break it off if you rush into things too quickly and can’t be patient.

Love Not Returned

Taurus likes to take their time getting to know someone before fully committing and is turned off when people get ‘too clingy’ way too early on in the relationship. With a Taurus personality you should just take things as they come instead of trying to ‘force’ things along too much.

Gemini… will break it off if things get too stale or boring.

Boring Relationship

The Gemini personality is forever restless and easily bored and if they feel like things are getting too stale then they may just call it off altogether. Try to keep things fresh and interesting when dating a Gemini and don’t be afraid to try new things!

Cancer… will break it off if you can’t open up to them and connect with them on a deeper level.

Distant Relationship

Cancer craves an emotional connection and if they can’t find anything in you below the surface level then they may just decide to move on. Don’t put up a wall when you’re with a Cancer and allow them to see the real you.

Leo… will break it off if you humiliate them or attack their ego.

Hurt Heart

Leos can be tough on the outside but their egos are sensitive and attacking their pride is a sure-fire way to push them away and make them want to leave the relationship. Leo’s personality requires a supportive partner who is able to work alongside them rather than against them.

Virgo… will break it off if you don’t take them seriously or listen to their point of view.

Not Listening To Partner

Virgos have little patience for those that constantly talk over the top of them or that don’t actually listen to what they’re saying. If they feel like they are not being heard and that their partner isn’t interested in how they feel then they will simply move on.

Libra… will break it off if you try to ‘use’ or manipulate them.

Manipulate Puppet

Generally speaking Libras are very loving and giving in a relationship… but if you decide to take advantage of their kindness and abuse their generosity then odds are they wont hesitate to cut ties for good. They’re much too clever to be ‘played’  so leave your mind games at the door or else they’ll find someone else.

Scorpio… will break it off if you betray them.

Cheating And Betrayal

Without a doubt one of the biggest reasons for a breakup with a Scorpio is a betrayal of trust. Scorpios are very loyal creatures and require a partner that can reciprocate that loyalty. They need someone that they are able to trust completely and feel secure around and if you can’t provide that then they will find someone who can.

Sagittarius… will break it off if you try to pin them down or restrict their freedom.

Trapped In A Box

The Sagittarius has a unique personality that craves freedom and hates to be tied down. They are likely to break it off if they feel like their partner is trying to control them or restrict their freedom. When dating a Sagittarius be sure to allow them their independence and space to do their own thing.

Capricorn… will break it off if you discourage them from their ambitions.

Running The Other Way

Capricorns are extremely ambitious and they can’t have a partner that’s not supportive of those ambitions, or even worse, trying to discourage them from their efforts. Support a Capricorn in their dreams and have faith in their ability to get s#*t done.

Aquarius… will break it off if you try to change them.


An easy way to turn off an Aquarius is to act morally superior whilst trying to change their ways. They need a partner who is tolerant, open minded and able to love them for who they are rather than trying to sculpt them into who they want them to be.

Pisces… will break it off if you aren’t emotionally  supportive.

Damaged Relationship

Pisces can be sensitive and they need a partner that knows how to be gentle and supportive when a Pisces is down. If you can’t provide them with the emotional support that they need then they’ll find someone else who can.