Weirdest Thing About The Zodiac Signs Revealed…

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Weird traits

They can try to play it cool and pretend like they’re 100% normal – but every sign has a weird side that can really make you say “whaa?”. When it comes out it can cause them act irrationally and outrageously – so be prepared for anything. Here’s what’s downright weird about each of the zodiac signs.

Aries: they’ll freak out over the most random of things.

Aries being weird

For such a outgoing personality Aries can be spooked by some pretty weird things. One minute they’re fearlessly riding a barrel over Niagara Falls and the next they’re cowering in the corner – afraid of a cobweb. People may be shocked to see Aries freak out when having deal with a spider – so take deep breaths and don’t dial emergency services – that would only be weird!

Taurus: they can be so damn stubborn about seemingly trivial issues.

Stubborn Taurus

When faced with video evidence that it was you who killed Professor Plum in the Library with a candlestick you still won’t come clean! You’re attempts to make even more elaborate stories up to cover up your tracks just leave people shaking their heads. This behaviour turns weird when it appears pathological. Suck it up and admit you whacked the Professor or risk losing friends.

Gemini: they can’t stay still for more than five seconds.

Flexible Gemini woman

Powerfully physical and flexible Gemini can be double jointed in places unimaginable but Sometimes your body appears to be having a conversation that is independent from your head. Twitches, knuckle cracking and impulsive movements can be off putting and strange. Many of your tribe are dancers or athletes so try to save the weirdest moves for the spotlight or stadium!

Cancer: they’re so nostalgic that they can’t let go of memories.

Dwelling over memories

Yes we know you like to keep souvenirs and mementos to remind you off cherished moments and lost loves – but a collection of nail clippings that aren’t yours? Really?! That’s just gross! There’s a point when nostalgia becomes creepy and too weird. You’ll die in the company of cats unless you let go of the past.

Leo: too many hands and not enough space.

Clumsy elephant

Remember to keep that personal space in check! You are naturally affectionate but people generally don’t like being sniffed and pawed when just introduced. After a few drinks Leo can come across as down right offensive. True friends recognise you as a big playful pussy cat but in order to avoid the title of lecherous octopus use physical restraint at social gatherings.

Virgo: they’re so structural that they can … without structure.

Uptight Virgo

Where do we start? The problem is you think you are totally normal and that everyone else is slightly off-centre. Loved ones learn to put up with all the oddball rules and regulations that colour every action but you will be dropped from the invitation list if it becomes too hard to find a restaurant that is sterilised to Virgo standards or waiters run in fear of your never ending menu dissection. Stop looking for perfection and enjoy the ambience Virgo!

Libra: they act like they’re cool but are really .they embrace… just don’t give a crap what you think about it.

Unfashionable friends

You know you’re a little bit different but – mismatching shoes with a polyester kimono for a wedding? When the fashion balance is out you can turn into a bag lady or hobo. You’ll think your fashion statement daring and attractive whilst others will find it – well just plain weird. Take a good look in the mirror before unleashing yourself on a fashion conscious public.

Scorpio: their dark side is like something out of 50 shades of grey.

Woman with leather whip

Elegantly weird and intriguing, just be careful your obsession with the dark side doesn’t trip over into scary. Sleeping in a coffin or owning a pet tarantula called Mary is not everyone’s cup of tea – you need to take small steps before introducing acquaintances to Scorpios’ dungeon of pleasure. It’s okay to be different but when it becomes a dangerous gimmick people turn off very quickly.

Sagittarius: they’re notorious for half-finished projects and clutter.

Messy desk

A lover of fads and crazes you go hell for leather without considering the practicalities. This can result in a half finished rocket launch in the back yard and IKEA hell in the bedroom. Weirdness steps when friends stop visiting because they can’t get in through the front door. At this stage hoarding therapy is advised.

Capricorn: they can be surprisingly superficial without even realizing it.

Superstitious Capricorn

Meticulous and well planned Capricorn don’t appear to be a superstitious bunch but you do like to add a little ritual – just to cover all bases. Salt over the shoulder or tapping three times for good luck – you rationalise this weird behaviour by the fact it can’t hurt. Just be careful- when under pressure – obsession can creep in. Good friends will give you the number of a therapist.

Aquarius: what *isn’t* weird about Aquarius?

Nutty Aquarius

Look we know you march to the beat of a different drum but not everyone else is listening. Try to avoid those weird habits of talking to yourself in public or ghosting an event because it didn’t live up to intellectual expectations. If you want to save planet Earth it’s necessary to walk amongst us or you’ll be returned to the mother ship in a flash.

Pisces: they get lost in their head and are known for their nocturnal nightmares.

Pisces nightmare

Like sharks you’ve got to keep moving – even in your dreams. Pisces have deep psyches which often come alive during sleep. Many partners put up with the tossing and turning are are even able to cope with night terrors but when the sleep-walking kicks in it’s hard to handle. You may find yourself locked in your room to avoid shuffling into oncoming traffic.