Relationship Deal Breakers For Each Zodiac Sign…

Relationship deal breakers

Ever looked at a relationship and thought, “I’d never put up with that” – but then been surprised when the couple is still happily together 5 years later? The fact is what’s a deal breaker for some people can be insignificant to others. But each sign in the zodiac does have a specific list of relationship no-goes – straws that will break the camels back. To give you a better understanding what each sign wont tolerate in a relationship, here’s a list of “zodiac deal breakers.”

Aries deal breaker: being a stage-5 clinger.


The Aries personality despises people who are too needy or afraid to take risks. They are independent creatures and who look for a relationship that will make them feel alive – but without feeling smothered. Familiarity will breed contempt so make sure you have your own interests and friends when dating them. Constantly needing to know where Aries is what they are doing 24/7 is a definite no-no. Give them space and the love will follow.

Taurus deal breaker: being indecisive 24/7.


Taurus are very straight forward when it comes to what they want and they get frustrated by people who are constantly overthinking everything and being totally indecisive. Generous to a fault they also hate tight-ass – splitting restaurant bills to the last 0 will drive them insane with frustration. In a relationship with Taurus you need to be able to reciprocate their generosity and keep a straightforward attitude. Otherwise they’ll walk out the door.

Gemini deal breaker: being loud and bossy and just, too much.

Gemini being yelled at

The Gemini zodiac personality can’t cope with boorish or rude people. They believe you should put yourself in another persons shoes and that bullying attitudes are never acceptable. They tend to equate rudeness with stupidity and are unimpressed with power games. Yell at a hapless sales attendant for no good reason and you’re likely to be given your marching orders immediately.

Cancer deal breaker: not valuing family.


The Cancerian doesn’t gel with people who never visit their grandmothers or actively avoid family functions. To them family is identity and comfort. They celebrate each weird and wacky family member and revel in yet another get together. Deal breaking occurs when a partner refuses to accept Cancers’ family or pays little interest to their own.

Leo deal breaker: dull, sore losers who can’t take a joke.

Bored woman yawning

Leo personalities like to be mirrored and by that we mean that their perfect partner is probably a clone of themselves. They are loud, proud and fabulous – and require someone who’s cut from the same cloth. If you are a shrinking wallflower they will soon get bored and move on – Leo looks for a more out-there personality that they can let their hair down with.

Virgo deal breaker: lazy people who don’t clean up after themselves.

Messy cat

Virgo personalities hate clutter and jobs half-done. They can be obsessive compulsive so make sure your picture frames are straight and your wardrobe is color coded. Partners who have numerous projects on the go and none finished will have Virgo pulling their collective hair out. Hoarding, avoiding deadlines and failing to deliver are all Virgo deal breakers.

Libra deal breaker: not being willing to defend and support them.

Broken hearted couple

Libras zodiac traits make them very adaptable in a relationship and there isn’t much they wouldn’t do for those they love. But being unwilling to give them that same level of support back when they need it most is a surefire deal-breaker. They tend to be loyal to a fault and only call it quits on a relationship if they realize that it’s a one-way street.

Scorpio deal breaker: don’t you dare go lying to them!

Man lying to girlfriend

Even a white lie will get you in trouble with a Scorpio. They hate dishonesty in all forms and that includes everything from cheating to lying about returning library books. Bitchiness will also get under their skin – talking behind someone’s back is viewed as a form of dishonestly. Fess up as soon as you can – continue to deceive and you’ll need to leave town in order to avoid the Scorpio sting.

Sagittarius deal breaker: don’t be a total downer.

Total downer

If you can’t see the funny side of life then don’t date a Sagittarius. This sign hates whiners and complainers and they prefer to keep a more optimistic vibe around them. They’re all about making the most of life and will quickly dispense of people who are negative and focused on things rather than experiences.

Capricorn deal breaker: lazy types that don’t have their sh*t together.

Lazy man on couch

Capricorn personalities hate laziness and lack of vision. If you are a meandered – content to let life pass you by – then bypass this sign. They admire partners who push them to achieve – whether it be academically, professionally or physically – and they will support you to get to that next level in return. Emulate a sloth though and Capricorn will move onto a real challenge.

Aquarius deal breaker: failing to embrace world peace.

Aquarius breakup

Aquarians are ethical and moral snobs. They can bang on a bout equity and fairness until the lights go down on humanity. You can’t be bigoted or pro plastic bags if you intend on hooking up with an Aquarian. They simply cannot tolerate prejudice – and when detected – the discovery will eat away until they lose respect and call it quits on the relationship.

Pisces deal breaker: being emotionally distant and unresponsive.

Distant Relationship

The Pisces zodiac sign will die a little if you are emotionally absent. They love to talk about their feelings and need a strong sounding board to get through the hard times. Because of their high emotional intelligence they will be there for you but failure to return the favour will eventually result in relationship termination.