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Reading the traits of my sign, I found that I am exactly as it reads and now I know why n how some of the mysterious powerful gifts I’m blessed with are built into my dna. Thank you for that info it answers many questions I’ve had most all my life.

Sean D

Wow. Incredible. I thought no one understands me and I thought I as going crazy but this really help me to realize that is ok and that I am special and there’s nothing wrong with me .


Um…this is amazing. You basically have me pinned! Thank you!


This was right on the mark. I found myself weirded out and intrigued at how accurate this was.

Renae M

Man this just read the hell out of me. Every word was so true - like really - I was reading and reading like are these people watching me? How do they know so well?

Antwan J

Wow. As a skeptic I just wanted to have fun and a look at what I’m supposed to be like.

I’m shocked; This is me nearly 100% .


OMG!!!! This just screams me entirely, okay this is like really weird. I love weird but still…


This is exactly who I am. I now understand myself better. It’s just who I am. Thanks

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