How Each Of The Zodiac Signs FLIRT…

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Zodiac flirting styles

For some people, flirting is a skill that comes as naturally as breathing. But for others, the art of flirting is a daunting task that can turn them into a blithering idiot. Sometimes it can be hard to predict how a person will show their interest, but it’s not such a mystery if you know a bit about their star sign. Here’s exactly how each of the zodiac signs flirts!

Aries’ flirting style is confident, assertive and anything but subtle.

Confident bold couple

Arians will draw you in with their daring and brilliant escapades. They are attracted to fearless and adventurous spirits, so be ready to play along if you want to keep them interested. Their flirting style is robust, competitive and even exhausting, but the sheer thrill of it all will keep you coming back for more. They can be quite playful so expect games, arm wrestling and all sorts of shenanigans!

Taurus is an endurance flirter who plays the long game.

Couple flirting at the bar

Taurus is a bit more restrained when it comes to flirting preferring to play the long game. They’ll wait til all of the show-offs in the room have run out of steam before swooping in to make a move. They can be a little bit nervous and self-conscious in their approach but their shy style can also be cute as f*ck. They are protective and reassuring but never desperate, instead they hold steady until they’ve gotten so under your skin that you come to your senses.

Gemini is a chaotic and unpredictable flirter who will keep you on your toes.

Surprise kiss

Gemini is the sign of seamless contradictions and their flirting style is no different. Their words can be puzzling and their body language tough to decipher. One moment, they’ll look so bored and distracted that you’ll think they aren’t interested… then a moment later they’ll lunge in for a kiss so passionate that you’ll think they are obsessed. Sure, they can be slightly maddening at times but they’re so intriguing that you’ll keep coming back for more – one date is never enough!

Cancer is a caring and romantic flirt.

Couple behind flowers

Cancer is a lover of romance who will sweep you off your feet with compliments and attentiveness. When they flirt they have a unique ability to make you feel like you’re the only person in whole damn room. When they turn on the charm they can be extremely alluring so watch out. They’ll win you over with their kindness and then make you melt by whispering sweet nothings in your ear.

Leos’ flirting style is regal and haughty.

Classy Leo couple

Often blessed with a magnificent mane of hair and stylish attire the Leo attracts with their presence and then backs it up with unwavering confidence and self worth. They are both sensual and dangerously tactile with their fingers and teeth. At evenings’ end they’ll leave you desperately craving another audience with this royal sign – should you survive!

Virgos’ flirting style is subtle, sophisticated and alluring.

Virgo couple wining and dining

Perfectionists, Virgo are hard on themselves and everyone else. They are often elegant poised and sharply turned out. Their style of flirting can sometimes seem more like a job interview with a careful selection of criteria to be addressed. But they will soften over time and begin to flirt in more overtly whether that be by laughing at your unfunny jokes and even dishing out a well-crafted compliment.

Libras’ flirting style is fun, cheeky and enthusiastic.

Libra flirting

Libra will flirt with a stick – they’re just compelled to make everyone and everything feel wanted and loved. They can be breathy, innocent, wide eyed and very touchy when they’re into someone. Sometimes recipients will misinterpret a Libra flirt fest for something more substantial. Best just to enjoy their charm and go for something more casual before bringing up commitment.

Scorpios’ flirting style is deep, direct and downright hypnotic.

Scorpio flirting

Scorpios can be rather direct when it comes to flirting and showing interest in someone. They will stare you out from across the room whilst looking eloquently disheveled. Tactile and darkly humorous they flirt with precision and the promise of illicit activities. Be assured they only weave their magic on those they are genuinely attracted to… but when they turn on their magnetic charm they can be simply intoxicating!

Sagittarius is contagiously happy ‘n’ hilarious when they flirt.

Happy fun flirters

When a Sagittarius flirts they like to keep things fun, lighthearted and upbeat. They will capture your attention with their dry sense of humor and ability to tell a damn good story. Should they try to ‘woo’ you they will be energetic and active in their approach – expect a whole lot of craziness and hilarity.

Capricorns flirting style is low-key and all about ‘less is more’.

Capricorn flirting

The Capricorn doesn’t mess around with fake bravado when trying to win your affections – their flirting style is much more casual. First they’ll charm you with both their their intellect and authenticity. Then they’ll lay a compliment on you that’s so thoughtful that you’ll know they are paying attention. They understand that less can sometimes be more and that there’s no reason to rush a good thing!

Aquarius flirts by drawing you in with their wit and tantalizing your mind.

Active mind

Aquarians are the types that can make love to your mind without even laying a finger on you. They are deeply aroused by intelligence and knowledge, and turned off by boorishness and ignorance. They can find physical flirting to be a bit of a mystery. But they’re naturals at peaking your curiosity and tantalizing your mind until you’re left wanting more.

Pisces’ flirting style is awkwardly cute and reserved… until they start drinking!

Pisces flirting at party

The Pisces can go from being cautious and timid one moment – to shamelessly promiscuous in just one of two stiff drinks. When sober they can be rather shy when it comes to flirting. But when they’re in the middle of drunken flirtation it’s not uncommon to hear people scream “get a room!” as Pisces engages in displays of affection.