How To Befriend And Win Over The Signs…

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How to befriend the signs

Looking for new friends to add to your inner circle? Is there someone at work who you really think is a blast and want to hang out with more? There’s a science to cultivating friends and its based on enchanting people with your star qualities – and talking about the stars – if you want to win over a  new buddy –  take a sneaky look at their birthdate and check today’s list for sure-fire friend making tactics.

Aries: show some backbone and stand up to them.

Woman showing backbone

If your hellbent of befriending an Aries its best to donn a suit of armour to deflect those sharp barbs and bruising tactlessness. Don’t be a wimp as weakness brings out the bully in this sign. Take the fight to them and call out bad behaviour and you will earn respect and possibly friendship.

Taurus: be real with them and show integrity.

Honest woman

Put your integrity and honesty out there. It takes time to win over Taurus so consistency is the key.  Show them you mean what you say and back it up it with actions. Taurus will spot a fraud and read through a lame excuse  in a flash – so when you offer to help move house don’t dream up  a long lost cousin just to get out of the task.

Gemini: get your genius on and engage their mind!

Deep thinking man

Be spontaneous and don’t be dull.  Gemini hates lack of imagination and is intrigued by mystery and things that take time to fathom out – so drip feed them your secrets. Gemini also love enquiring minds – raise your IQ and start swotting up on – everything. Keep a Gemini on their mental toes and you’ll have a friend for life.

Cancer: show them that you actually give a crap.

Cancer friend

Show them family is important to you and don’t indulge in malicious gossip regarding your existing friends. Loyalty is key to securing a friendship with Cancer and you’ll be judged on how you treat others. Cancer refuses point blank to get close to people who have a history of backstabbing – a relationship without trust is just not their scene.

Leo: don’t be a slovenly scrooge and give them attention!

Complimenting Leo

Leo’s need a lot of attention and praise – so stroke their ego and notice when theres a new hairstyle or clothes. Make yourself presentable too – lions hate sloppiness – and don’t be a tightarse – Leo’s are enormously generous and will quickly unfriend someone who repeatedly leaves their wallet at home or fails to tip.

Virgo: love yourself first and show some self-pride.

Love yourself

Get a makeover, go on a diet and take up cycling. Virgo seeks friends who are health conscious and mindful. They also appreciate a bit of competition so make the tennis game go to 5 sets or break out a 60 pointer in Scrabble. Don’t get messy or over eat in social settings either  – Virgo views excess as unattractive and unpalatable.

Libra: be fun, friendly and upbeat. Show them you are in in touch with your feelings.

Leo friend

Dance with them, sing with them and tell them a jokes. Libra likes people who are cheeky, fun and and light-footed on the dance floor. Also be ready to laugh and cry simultaneously – this sign looks for high emotional intelligence and human brick walls make them feel uncomfortable and anything but friendly.

Scorpio: give in and allow them to corrupt you!

Stern confident woman

Strangely enough this sign likes naivety and wide-eyed innocence. Scorpio takes great please in shocking and corrupting its victims. If your up for playing the part of a muse then Scorpio will act as mentor and master until you’ve gone to the dark side and officially joined the friendship group.

Sagittarius: be chill and drama-free.

Friends chilling in the pool

Be easy going and adaptable. Sagittarius hates to be around ruffled feathers or sticklers for detail. If you’re a stress head you’ll kill the Sag buzz and they’ll choose to hang with more easy going companions. Make yourself available for camping  weekends and escape rooms and don’t sweat the small stuff.

Capricorn: keep the ego in check and be humble.

Big ego

Don’t be too showy – Capricorn hates boastfulness or grandstanding. They respect humility and quickly, quietly getting the job done.  Offer assistance and follow through. Capricorn will invite you into the friendship circle  when they understand that you value- add by way of actions.

Aquarius: be friendly but not pushy.

Aquarius and friend

Aquarius is very intuitive and will instantly know if friendship is a future possibility. They also possess a list of deal breakers so try and keep on the same page morally and philosophically. Inhabited by a natural inclination to help people you’ll know friendship is on the cards when they randomly offer to clean your house or babysit the dog.

Pisces: show them you’re accepting of their vulnerabilities.

Accepting love

Be there to pick up the pieces and learn the noble art of forgiveness. They may do everything in their power to sabotage a friendship – over and over again –  but if you persevere and catch them on the way down, these delightful little gremlins will become fascinating and loyal friends.